introduction of a company

Rings Market Research

Rings Market Research and Loyalty Program Company was established in 1399 with the aim of providing data-driven professional services based on market research and designing and implementing loyalty programs based on deep customer knowledge. Rings is composed of a board of directors, consultants, managers and experts with long experience in the Iranian market and has been able to gain the trust of its customers in a short time.

We strongly believe that “give your customers a reason to be loyal; if you do not do it, your competitors will do it.” For this reason, we try to provide this reason for our customers and help our employers to gain customer loyalty by providing market research and data science services in order to deeply understand the consumer.

The main services of Rings are:

Market research projects
Design and implement loyalty programs
We use our knowledge, experience, commitment and pursuit in line with your goals to help each other increase the number of golden customers loyal to your brand.